• Seismic protection with a smaller footprint
  • Can handle building settlement and thermal growth
  • UL Listed in stock sizes from 2″ through 8″ diameter
  • Available in movements up to +/- 24″
  • Compatible with our patented Seismic Breakaway Hanger Support
  • Meets demanding pressure applications such as high rise, deluge, and foam suppression
  • UL Listed at 300 psi up to 6″ diameter
  • Absorbs mechanical and seismic movement in all directions
  • Available in movements up to +/- 45″
  • Protects piping from seismic, tidal, and mechanical movement in corrosive environments
  • UL Listed at 300 psi up to 6″ diameter
  • Grooved sizes 2″ through 8″ diameter
  • Proudly made in USA
  • Use when pipe hangers and seismic bracing do not allow full-rated movement
  • Ensures free movement of the seismic loop during seismic event
  • Can be reset after sesimic event
  • Cable tether available when needed
  • Smart alternative solution to pipe hangers